ProcedureCCSD codeSurgeon fee
Audiogram (hearing test)20210£45
Biopsy of lesion from mouthF4210£144
Biopsy of lesion of pinnaD0610£113
Biopsy of lesion on skinS1500£110
Biopsy of nasal septumE0330£114
Diagnostic endoscopy of sinusesE1780£45
Diagnostic pharyngoscopyE2500£126
Distant pedicle flap (division and inset)S1700£503
Distant pedicle flap (eevation and transfer)S1900£724
Division of intranasal adhesionsE0440£137
Endoscopic exploration frontal sinus beyond frontoethmoid recessE1480£792
Endoscopic stapling of pharyngeal pouchE2480£600
Epley manouevreE2880£45
Excision of exostoses from external ear canalD0280£584
Excision of lesion from external ear canalD0810£158
Excision of lesion from external nose via open approach E0910£225
Excision of lesion from nasal septumE0820£164
Excision of lesion of pinnaD0210£239
Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - up to three, Head & Neck (excluding lipoma)S0632£162
Excision of lipoma from head or neckS0656£190
Excision of lymph node for diagnosisT8700£255
Fine Needle AspirationS4760£104
Flexible laryngoscopy (viewing voicebox with endoscope)E3680£150
Functional Endoscopic Sinus SurgeryE1432£656
In-patient care (day or part thereof)20320£50
Initial inpatient assessment and 24hrs of careAAA01£200
Injection into subcutaneous tissueS5210£104
Intracapsular tonsillar reductionF3490£260
Intranasal antrostomy including endoscopic and antral washout (including bilateral)E1330£279
Local skin flap (greater than 9cm2)S2503£610
Local skin flap (less than 9cm2)S2500£540
Manipulation of nasal bones under General AnaestheticW2620£189
Median drainage of frontal sinuses (Modified Lothrop Procedure)E1470£2000
Microsuction clearance of ear canalD0702£70
Modified Radical MastoidectomyD1020£790
Myringotomy (drainage of middle ear effusion)D1530£117
Nasal cauteryE0380£132
Nasal packingE0610£100
Nasal polypectomyE0810£160
Operation on uvulaF3240£230
Operations on branchial fistulaT9420£604
Primary excision of malignant lesion from head or neckS0602£327
Release of tongue-tieF2620£150
Removal of benign skin lesion from head or neckS0654£239
Removal of foreign body from ear canalD0730£113
Removal of grommetsD2030£185
Repair of pinna lacerationD0630£154
Revision open approach septorhinoplastyE0240£945
Rigid oesophagoscopyG1900£276
Secondary excision of malignant lesion from head or neckS0604£337
Small island skin flapS2002£678
Thinning os skin graft flapS3102£248
Tonsillectomy - adultF3440£430
Tonsillectomy - paediatricF3400£385
Tympanogram (middle ear pressure measurement)20230£45